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Whoa, what happened?

Is it already mid-November? Where did all the pumpkins go? WHY ARE THE COFFEE CUPS GREEN? Not to mention the election blues…

There’s so much going on in the world of astronomy graduate students. Right now I’m working on about a dozen job applications to various places across the world. I’ve also picked up bullet journaling (here’s a nice overview — check out the Reddit how-to page as well!). Throughout my time in grad school I’ve used Evernote for the bulk of my organizing system, but I have so many physical half scribbled-in notebooks with an afternoon’s worth of notes scribbled in random pages that I was driving myself crazy. Seriously, in my messenger bag I count no less than 5 notebooks — spiral-bound, gridded or lined, pocket-sized or ‘executive’ (I think?)….it finally became too much.

So, in the interest of Getting Things Done, I’m combining methods. My Evernote will still be my primary system, but instead of having an e-note with my weekly spread, I’ll simply take a picture at the end of the week (Friday) and upload it. I can still have an ancillary notes that are collated in a weekly note (my usual is to have a lead note for each week), but this way I am free to write down notes from meetings and have it more ORGANIZED for later.

It’s hard, being a moderately overworked, scatter-brained academic, but I’m going to be fighting the entropy with what I hope is a better tool.

That, or I’ve simply picked up another procratinary device…

Anyway, more updates on the bujo (as it is called apparently) as events warrant.